PACIFICO Hotel & Spa

Taira 3-20-1, Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan 970-8026

TEL 0246(22)4141
FAX 0246(22)4147

Internet reservation

Select room type by clicking on the room title. This will allow customers to view our reservation calendar, which will indicate vacancies of the type of room you have selected. If the dates are indicated with ○, reservation is possible. Upon your selection of the date, the page will indicate you to insert information necessary to process your reservation. After pressing the transmission button, reservation is completed. It will be directed to the front where reservation is reviewed. Please wait for our verification for confirmation.

○ 3 room or more rooms are available, the △ 1〜2 room are available, × there is no empty room

Single/single room A   room charge \6,300 → \5,400 (including tax \5,670)
Single person accommodation
Twin/twin room A   room charge \8,925 → \7,650 (including tax \8,030)
Single or two person accommodation
Twin/twin room B   room charge \10,500 → \9,000 (including tax \9,450)
Single or two person accommodation
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